Southern European hotels sit at the top of investors’ choices for 2024, with Greece drawing in an ever increasing number of visitors throughout the entire year, thanks to the extended tourist season. Greece’s year-long mild Mediterranean climate has managed to curb the dreaded seasonality dip, leading to fresh investment opportunities in the hospitality sector.

A shift in traveler behavior has brought about significant changes in terms of holidaymaking. More and more tourists are looking for smaller-scale, boutique accommodation that offers a more intimate, authentic experience. Sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives are on the list of traveler demands, as visitors seem to be prioritizing socially and environmentally responsible hotels that incorporate renewable energy, have minimal impact on the surrounding locale, highlight communal efforts and are also situated in alternative destinations, to consciously avoid contributing to overtourism.

As such, there are strong prospects for investing in complex tourist accommodation with a view to obtaining a Greek Golden Visa. Choosing to buy beyond the region of Attica, in more affordable areas, where the minimum investment threshold is 400,00 Euros, can prove to be a profitable venture with a relatively low starting cost and the added benefit of residence permit acquisition. Factoring in the tourist season extension and the need to avoid summer heatwaves, the steady flow of tourism in Greece makes for increased occupancy rates and an overall better return on investment, when it comes to buying hotel property.

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