In the rugged heartland of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula, amidst the green slopes of Mount Panachaikon and the busy waters of the Gulf of Patras, lies the layered, inviting city of Patras. From its ancient origins as a bustling Roman port to its modern-day role as a thriving cultural hub, Patras has always been a crossroads of civilizations, blending tradition with innovation in a way that’s uniquely Greek.

Work hard, play hard

Patras is the third largest city in Greece, in part thanks to a steady student population that comprises a savvy scientific body of its three renowned public universities, unwaveringly contributing to groundbreaking technological and medical research. But its the same hard-working crowd that floods the city streets every year in late January, participating in hidden treasure hunts and dress-up balls for two weeks in preparation for the extravagant, jovial Carnival Parade with its bevy of spectacular floats, culminating in the ritual burning of the carnival king down by the harbor at the St. Nicholas Street pier.

Tales of times past

Patras oscillates between the past and present, its duality still evident in the classical remnants of the Roman occupation that are scattered all over the city: the Roman Odeon, an smaller and older stone structure than its Athenian counterpart, built ca. 160 AD, casts a majestic shadow with its intimate ambience over Ano Póli; recently restored and reconstructed, its stage lights up every summer for open-air concerts and performances for the public. The weathered, graceful arches of the aqueducts, an ambitious infrastructure project completed under Hadrian’s reign (117-138 AD), stand tall like silent sentinels, bearing witness to ancient craftsmanship and human ingenuity. As for a taste of the city’s maritime heritage, the impressive Patras Archaeological Museum, built in 2008, offers a fascinating journey through the artifacts recovered from shipwrecks that dot the nearby seabed.

Boozy delights

But it’s not just history that defines Patras; the Peloponnesian capital boasts an extensive culinary and liquor tradition, with Tentura being one of its prized possessions: a sweet, dense and caramel-y digestive liqueur, spiced with citrus fruit peels, cinnamon and clove. Nicknamed “the black beauty of Patras”, you’d be remiss not to try a shot of it in your espresso, for a fragrant, Greek version of caffé corretto. Wine enthusiasts will fall in love with the delicious and deep flavour profile of Mavrodaphne, a fortified dark red wine native to Achaea, sold under the coveted Protected Designation of Origin. Sweet and chocolatey smooth, it pairs excellently with desserts and will satisfy the palate of every discerning spirit connoisseur.

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