An economic package launch is in the works by the Greek government, with a view to address widespread public discontent, as reflected in New Democracy’s 28,31% vote share in the Euroelections. The initiative includes tax relief, income increases and targeted measures to combat living costs, the housing crisis and high taxation.

Scheduled tax cuts and income support measures are to come into focus in 2025, with further plans to advance institutional reforms to specifically tackle the housing shortage and interventions aimed at alleviating tax burdens for self-employed professionals.

A full exemption from business tax for self-employed professionals is pending approval this year and will be included in the budget for 2025, a measure that will bring about a reduction of €325 for professionals taxed based on declared income.

To tackle the housing crisis, the government plans to reintroduce thousands of unused properties into the market to address a deficit of over 200,000 homes, an initiative focusing on providing affordable housing for various age groups looking towards stabilizing rental and property prices.

Future adjustments include pension increases and gradual reductions in social security contributions, targeting a combined rate of 35.16% by 2027, contingent on fiscal conditions.

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