Greek Golden Visa

A golden visa is essentially a residence permit by investment. Greek Law determines the necessary conditions for the application process. People from non-European Union countries may apply for residence permit when they meet these conditions. With this visa, you can have most of the rights -roughly except the right to vote – that a European Union citizen has. Law requires you to buy property or invest in Greece in order to get this visa. The property or properties should worth 250.000 euros or more. There are no limitations for the number of properties. You can apply for a residence permit by buying one or multiple properties. There are also no limitations in terms of the type of property. You can buy an apartment, commercial property, parcel of land, cottage, parking lot, hotel, or other kinds of properties singly or together.

What happens after the purchase?

At the end of purchase, you can apply for the residence permit. Residence permit includes the applicant, their marital partner, their own parents, marital partner’s parents, and the children of the couple who are younger than 21. There is no condition of staying in Greece for a residence permit. You can also rent your property. A residence permit is valid until the sale of the properties which were previously bought. In the case of the sale of the properties, the permit is canceled. The card for a residence permit is renewed every five years.

The residence permit with the acquisition of a residence permit does not include a working permit. However, there is no limitation in terms of establishing a company. With your residence permit, you can establish a company and you will be able to work in another company with a bill of the service fee from the company that you established.

Why Greece?

Greece is the birthplace of democracy. Western civilizations have their roots in Greece and they adopted many elements from Greek culture including their language, arts, politics, and sports. In addition to this, the Mediterranean climate, fresh and natural foods, turquoise seas, and hospitality make Greece one of the most popular destinations for a vacation in Europe.

Greece has been a member of the European Union for almost forty years, the Schengen area since 2000, and the Eurozone since 2001. Greece is a country in which you can live your life in safety with high living standards and where the law is respected.

Buying a Property

Our company will help you to find the property in Greece which is suitable for you. We will show you a number of properties among which you can choose after we inform you about the conditions and values of the properties. Although we always advise you to come to Greece and see the properties with your own eyes, it is possible to do the transaction without your presence through your lawyer with a power of attorney.

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