The investment landscape in Attica is evolving, with new opportunities emerging, often closely tied to its reliable and always expanding metro system that first opened its doors in 2000 and has been a game changer for residents and visitors ever since. Areas that were once secondary choices for investors are now gaining attention, leading to increased property prices and returns. According to data from the property platform Protio, areas in Attica serviced by the metro are seeing rising investor interest and property yields.

Traditional central locations like Amerikis Square (6.9% yield) and the Polytechnic area (6.6%) continue to offer high returns. However, new contenders such as Korydallos and Attiki Square are also showing strong yields at 6.3%. Aigaleon and Victoria, with yields of 6.1% and 6%, respectively, benefit from the expanding boundaries of downtown Athens, making them attractive investment spots. Moving to the west, Peristeri, a populous area, maintains a 6% yield, remaining a top choice for investors due to steady demand.

Zografou joins the list with a 5.8% yield thanks to rising rental prices, while Perissos, with a 5.7% yield, is set to grow further with new metro developments.A new entry from the Northern Suburbs is Ekali, showing a 5.8% yield due to higher rental prices, indicating robust investment potential in the northern areas of Attica.



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