A recent study by UK company HAYPP has hailed Athens as the best-smelling European city. Experts analyzed data on 30 major European cities and beyond, delving into various factors such as the cleanliness IEP (environmental performance index) and the presence of flower shops, bakeries, and perfume stores, to assign each capital its own ‘smell score’.

With sweet, syrupy treats such as baklava and street food staples like the world famous hearty souvlaki, freshly baked koulouri and buttery, gooey tiropita (cheese pie), Athens boasts a whopping 31 bakeries per 10 square kilometers, making the Greek metropolis leave behind the likes of Paris and Zurich. Greece’s rich Mediterranean cuisine heritage and access to fresh, local ingredients such as olive oil, herbs and seafood available at every street market have largely shaped the modern food culture, and research proves so. And it’s not just about culinary delights awakening the senses – Athens is an olfactory paradise all around, with 31 flower shops and 22 perfumeries per 10 square kilometers, scoring an impressive 8.3 out of 10 on the smell scale.

So whether you’re seeking out niche scents, colorful bouquets with captivating aromas or baked goods and delicacies that will stop you right in your tracks, Athens has it all.

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