Come September, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) is placing 7.2 million taxpayers under a double stringent audit framework, involving a new electronic database for property owners and tenants and simultaneously linking the E9 tax declaration archive with the Land Registry.

The database, named Property Ownership and Management Registry, will include information from AADE’s digital asset pool, formed over many years by use of the submitted E9 individual and legal entity declarations. It will also encompass comprehensive information about property rentals, with owners being required to separately report if they rent out their properties, and tenants needing to list the properties they rent and disclose the amounts of monthly and annual rent paid.

Taxpayers-users of the Registry will be able to see detailed information regarding the properties they use as tenants and/or any real estate in their possession. For this to be achieved, both owners and tenants will have to input information to the Registry accordingly. As such, the Registry will be automatically updated each time an owner submits information, which is then corroborated of the tenant of the corresponding property. Additionally, lease terminations are to be reported on the Registry from both parties.

The aforementioned data will be interlinked with digital records of income tax declarations, to ensure the information concerning rental income is updated in real time and accurately pre-filled by AADE in E1 and E2 tax forms. AADE also plans to cross-check tax declarations data with the corresponding National Land Registry declarations, in an effort to identify and correct any discrepancies in the descriptive details of properties. Owners will be required to rectify inconsistencies between the two platforms, by submitting corrective or amended E9 declarations that fully align with the National Land Registry records.

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